The original. 


This brand has nothing to do with Kraft as far as I know. It is just very funny and Argentinien. It is the same music from the Sesame Street video which is also quite humorous. 


 While using sex, relationships, and their misunderstandings is typically latino, it is also, universal if presented in the right manner.


My childhood connection to the brand Cadbury.


When we were at Kraft, we also spoke with Cadbury, recently bought by Kraft, about their ongoing dilema. Argentina is the only country in the world that has both Milka and Cadbury. Argentina has grown up with Milka and introducing Cadbury has been difficult and so they chose their target group to be mid 20 yr old independent women so that there would not be competition. This surprised me because my childhood perception of the brand is the bunny as seen in the video.

We balled some ideas but mostly just listened and were impressed by how effective their videos had been. They are humorous and clever, reaching the target audience in a globally understood fashion. 


Thanks for everything Castro! Especially lunch :p

See you soon!


On saturday we went to Recoletta for the third time and this time the cemetery was finally open! It felt a bit weird walking around all the graves in the daytime, it was a very sunny and warm day, kind of surreal. We met a cat in there, wonder if he is living there and what he sees during the night :)

Afterwards we went to Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes. They had a really good exhibition at the moment with art from all different periods from the 1500 to 1900.

El Greco paintings and Goya prints made Fia really happy.

We finished the day with a swim in the jacuzzi watching the sunset. How romantic! Great way to spend the last saturday!

And while on the 21st floor, enjoying the view, people bellow us separate and burn trash to extract metals and sell further, the smell is overwhelming at times…I guess that is the price of luxury…and the only really visible recycling system there seems to be here thus far, that I have seen.

More of the same just close ups. The paintings on the walls are quite beautiful. 


Back at Kraft again!

But this time, it was a party with balloons and smoothies and some famous actor running around with a megaphone. We came to speak to one of the CEOs, speak with Cadbury, and talk about Hyper and ended with a brain-storming workshop. 

Famous guy with angry looking birds. 

The typical cubicles in the marketing section.

We had a very interesting conversation with Javier Arriola, director of Kraft Foods in Uruguay, Paraguay and Chile. We spoke for over an hour about how Kraft works as a company, what they prioritize and what they are not thinking so much about. He was incredibly honest and direct, answering all of our questions, with a surfboard leaning against the wall, behind him. 

Then it was presentation time. We spoke with about 15 employees from both Cadbury and Kraft about how Hyper Island works as an institute: what are our guidelines, along with digital trends to be aware of. We tried to emphasize the importance of thinking far ahead into the future for the company (thinking about the consequences of their actions; being ready and prepared for change).

We asked the group to think about how things will be in 2050 in terms of technology, society and within the food industry (a very Hyper thing to ask). It was especially interesting to hear their views regarding the last question because, I assume this is something they have thought about before. While Hyper students are “trained” to think about technology, how much do we actually know about the future of food, the most vital part of our existence, puts things into perspective. 


We went to Punta del Este with friend from Kraft, Hortensia, who has a family house there. It took a 4 hour bus ride and 1 hour boat ride but it was worth it. We were beach lizards and ate good food.

High exposed mate on the beach. 

Mate with flash.

Lots of meat as usual…

Fire works on the boat ride home.